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Run 1757 – Southall Conservative Club, 16th May 2019

Our hare, Rambo, promised that this trail would only be 8km long and would not involve getting our feet wet. There was some scepticism in the pack, based on his haring track record over many years,   However, he turned out to be true to his word on this occasion, and provided that one managed to follow the somewhat convoluted trail without getting too lost, it was indeed possible to get around within this distance.

The following track does include a shortcut and is not therefore a totally accurate representation of the hare’s indented trail.

Southall Trail

Usual down-downs handed out by RA Butt Plug,  after which several hashers chose to head off to one of Southall’s many curry houses for additional sustenance.

Run 1756 – The Black Horse, Norbiton, 9th May 2019

In spite of the torrential rain there was a good turnout for Man Magnet’s annual azalea run in Richmond Park.  The first drink stop was in the usual spot by the pond at the centre of the Isabella Plantation (see pics elsewhere), where the hare dished out vodka jellies. (Which turned out to be quite potent!)

But that was not the end of goodies for the evening.  The trail led us back  to Man Magnet’s gaff, where Just Michael was slaving over a hot BBQ to cook hot dogs for the assembled hashers, to be washed down with a Whiskey Mac.  Just before arriving at the BBQ stop we came across a rather bloody Kemosabe, who appeared to have gone a few rounds with the pavement and emerged as the loser.  (Hopefully he has made a full recovery by now).

Later back the Black Horse, Butt Plug presided as joint RA with the assistance of Sir Humpalot, the latter being held responsible for the shitty weather on the trail.  Amongst the usual down-downs, we had a naming ceremony for one of our newer members, who earned the hash name: Bloody Hotlips.  (I believe this had something to do with his medial expertise, but not entirely sure about that.)



Run 1755 – The Salutation, Hammersmith, 2nd May 2019

Trail around Hammersmith, set by our hare, Lay Me, and overseen with some assistance from Called Away.  Perfect length and generally good markings as one would expect under the supervision of our hare raiser.

An unusual drink stop was provided in the middle of the closed-off Hammersmith Bridge.  Since not all hashers were able to follow the reasonably clearly marked trail of arrows to the drink stop, they found themselves on the wrong side of the pedestrian barriers, which gave the rest of  us the entertaining spectacle of seeing them grasping for their drinks and Easter eggs through the wire mesh, much like caged animals at the zoo.

Back in the Salutation, the circle was overseen by RA Wacker, with down downs to our visiting couple from Sweden.  Your scribe was awarded his well deserved 100 run WLH beer glass for services to hashing.



Run 1754 – The Albion, East Molesey, 25th April 2019

Finally, Airhead gets to hare a WLH! And very successful it turned out to be, with a perfectly calibrated 7.6 km trail around the parks and riversides of East Molesey. All laid with lashings of flour and enough short cuts for even the slowest hashers.   The hare was heaped with lavish praise on our return to the Albion, and admiration only increased with the provision of copious plates of hash chips and several Easter eggs. Chips, chocolate and beer.  What’s not to like!

Butt Plug was in serious multi tasking mode, performing the roles of GM, RA and Hash Cash.   Someone should give him a medal, or at least a down-down.

Run 1752 – The Tap on the Line, Kew, 11th April 2019

Setting a trail that takes in the Thames towpath, or one that includes Richmond Park are both worthy objectives.  Trying to fit in both in the same hash whilst starting from Kew is perhaps a hash too far?  Anyway, it was this task that was set for  us by our hare for the evening, Hobo.  One has to ask whether he has managed to successfully make the transition from imperial units to metric. He described the trail as quite long:  ‘ about 8km’. In reality it was nearer to 8 miles (about 14 km), as attested to by those hardy hashers who stuck it out for the full distance.   A large contingent of hashers decided to implement various short cuts so that they could get back to the pub the same evening. (see map for one such variation by your scribe).

Kew Trail.

Needless to say, the hare was duly reprimanded in the circle for setting a shitty trail, and awarded the appropriate down-down  by our RA for the evening, KMA.