21 June 2018 – Acton

Run nr 1710 – George & Dragon, 183 High Street, London W3 9DJ


Summer Solstice Run  -  Wear Orange

Hare: Come Forth In Orange

P-trail from Acton Town Station (District & Piccadilly lines) & Acton Central Station (London Overground)

2 thoughts on “21 June 2018 – Acton

  1. Slippery fingers

    I am in town with my girlfriend until Friday. We would love to meet up with you on Thursday night. Neither of us is running right now, is that a problem? Also, we would be interested in haberdash if you have any.

    Fire in the hole is on WhatsApp at +1 708 8377940


  2. Bhopal Post author

    You’re welcome to come and join us. Not sure if haberdashery will be available. On On. Bhopal

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