26 October 2017 – Elephant & Castle

Run nr 1676 – Little Creatures Brewery Bar, Lost Rivers Elephant, Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB.

An Australian Microbrewery at the transformed Elephant & Castle. Bring cash for drink stop(s) on trail.

Hare: Stayover

P-trail from Elephant & Castle Station (National Rail, Bakerloo & Northern Lines)

One thought on “26 October 2017 – Elephant & Castle

  1. Stayover

    All ready to go! Little Creatures Brewery Bar + MICROBREWERY + MICROBAR are expecting us.

    Leave bags as normal at Little Creatures.

    Start + Finish at Little Creatures.

    Bring cash or card on trail for beer purchases.

    May the Lord have mercy and increase my alcohol tolerance from its current pathetic state, in time to get around tomorrow! Amen.

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