9 November 2017 – Castlebar Park

Run nr 1678 – Duke of Kent, 2 Scotch Common, London W13 8DL.

Bring a torch!

Hare: Rambo

P-trail from Castlebar Park Station (National Rail) & Scotch Common bus stop.

(no P-trail but a 20 minute walk or 297, E2, E7, E9 or E10 bus to Scotch Common from Ealing Broadway Station)

One thought on “9 November 2017 – Castlebar Park

  1. Rambo

    It’s not just the 297. Also E2, E7, E9, E10 to Scotch Common stop on Argyle Road, though only E2 & E9 actually go past the pub after Kent Gardens. Will do a P trail from Scotch Common bus stop.

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