Run Maps and Write Ups

Run 1700 – The Dartford Arms, Tufnell Park, 12th April 2018

Run 1700, yeah!!

Hare was Castrato.  A nice off-road trail around Hampstead Heath, even if the hare himself forgot the correct route on at least one occasion.  Still very muddy from the recent rains, but amazingly, and to the disbelief of the RA, no one fell over.  So Pope got a down-down anyway, and quite right too.

Hampstead Heath trail

Run 1699 – The Adelaide Teddington, 5th April 2018

A reasonably large turnout today, no doubt in part due to the first decent Thursday night weather for quite a while. And also the prospect of a glorious run around Bushy Park, expertly hared by your scribe (New Balls Please).

Bushy Park trail

Amazingly, the drink stop supplies were still in their secret cache by the time the front runners got to the DS site.  Less fortunately, they were discovered by some enterprising hasher and by the time the hare arrived most of the drink had been snarfed. Oh well.

Usual down-downs followed back a the pub.  Can’t remember much else.