Run Maps and Write Ups

Run 1661 – The Grosvenor, Pimlico, 13th July 2017

AGPU trail set by GM Wacker from the traditional starting point of The Grosvenor.

A master class in the use of the false trail, to the extent that even his false trails had false trails!

Pimlico Trail

A refreshing sangria drink stop provided by assistant hare Man Magnet, followed by plenty of hash food (and some rather indifferent beer, it has to be said) back at the Grosvenor.

I think the AGPU bit happened at some stage, but I can’t be 100% sure.  No doubt someone will enlighten us as to who is who on the new committee .

Run 1653 – The George and Dragon, Thames Ditton, 18th May 2017

A surprisingly good turnout for last night’s hash, considering that Thames Ditton is at the extremities of what might be termed West London, and the fact that it was pissing down.

A n interesting and varied trail hared by Pickled Fart, taking in not one, not two, but three rivers along the way.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the map:  Thames Ditton trail.

Good pub with a fine selection of ales and unusually quick service.  And hash chips!  What more could one want?

Run 1652 – The Black Horse, Norbiton

This was the annual Azalea Run, hared as usual by Man Magnet.

Obviously we all know where the trial has to get to eventually, but our hare led us astray very effectively by some devious false trails. I found myself in the company of a few FRBs orbiting around the Isabella Plantation in some sort of endless loop, before we finally homed in on the regroup point for our group photo amongst the azaleas.

The return trail was just as devious with a tricky back check on the way out of the plantation.  But eventuality we all got the drink stop near the park gate for some excellent wine, accompanied by a feast that Mad Cow or Butt Plug would have been proud of.

The trail as shown here is only an approximation of what the hare actually set, due to the tricky bits mentioned above. Azalea trail

After the usual down-downs our RA for the day, Mad Cow, performed a naming ceremony for the hasher now known as Breast Stroke. (Sorry, I missed the incident/comment that resulted in this choice of name).  See photos for a video of her naming ceremony.