Run Maps and Write Ups

Run 1639, 9th February 2017 – The Rose and Crown, Chelsea

Made in Chelsea themed trail hared by Dingo and All Fours.  Plenty of pearls on display, teamed with waterproof tops and thermal underwear.  Might just catch on?

Chelsea trail

Drink stop featuring cocktail sausages and bubbly at the Battersea Park Pagoda.  A surprising number managed to get that far, bearing in mind the occasionally washed out trail.

Usual down-downs plus a naming ceremony for the hasher in the natty purple (actually maroon) velvet smoking jacket.  Now known as Purple Haze.


Run 1637, 26th January 2017 – The Black Horse, Norbiton

Australia Day hash hared by Man Magnet (with support from family).  No Dingo, but at least her dog bothered to turn up.  Trail was as for Man Magnets azalea run - Norbiton Trail - except that it was about 4 months too early for the azaleas.  Welcome drink stop supplied by Pickled Fart, and even more welcome beer and BBQ stop at Man Magnet’s gaff.

Hashers Interviewed

On one of our recent runs some trainee journalists carried out some podcast interviews of Hashes for an internet radio station, if you would like to listen to this then stick your headphones, or speakers, on and Cick Hear. I was particularly intrigued by Dingo’s explanation of how she got her name; “because I come from Australia”. I had always thought that Dingo was an abbreviation for her full Hash name and also that there was a bit more to it than that……

Run 1624, 27th October 2016 – The Albany, Twickenham

Our hares, KC and Cling On, had obviously been following the precedent set by Reach Around at last week’s run: plenty of arrows that suddenly peter out into nothingness, with no obvious check mark in sight, leaving the bewildered pack to stumble around in the dark Twickenham streets trying to find the trail.  This, coupled with a >10k distance and numerous intentional false trails, did give rise to a few grumblings amongst some of the assembled hashers.


KC did manage to redeem himself with a drink stop at his gaff, so all’s well that ends well, etc.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, I was awarded a (possibly) well deserved double down down for firstly trampling Dingo’s dog underfoot and subsequently running into a hedge whilst using my satnav.

Run 1620, 29th September 2016 – The Bull, Barnes

It is somewhat disheartening to find the last 5 moths of run write-ups lost somewhere in the interweb cloud.  I don’t know if I can be ar*** to re-post the missing trail maps.

Anyway, here is the trail from a recent run in Barnes, hared by Rollback.  It included an excellent rooftop drink stop with a magnificent view of the London skyline at night.

Barnes WLH trail