Run 1746 – The Green Man, Putney Heath, 28th February 2019

Glow trail around Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common set by your scribe, New Balls Please.  The pack was decked out in glow-stick bracelets and neckbands and random splodges of day-glow makeup, and followed a trail of luminescent flour.  Not always easy to find the route though, and even the hare got lost on a couple of occasions!

I think everyone managed to get to the drink stop (except perhaps KC) and back safely to the pub, though there could still be some lost souls wandering around the common even now.

The RA, Butt Plug, had done a good job of keeping the rain at bay during the run, and presided over the usual antics in the circle.




28 February 2019 – Putney Main Line Glow Run

Run Number 1746 - Green Man Wildcroft Rd, London SW15 3NG, UK

Map link
This will be a Glow Run, and you will need an Ultra Violet Torch, these are inexpensive and widely available on line, you can also wear florescent clothing and/or makeup to add to the effect

Hare: New Balls Please

P trail from Putney (Main  Line), it is a brisk ten minutes walk from the station to the pub so please allow time for this, or there are numerous buses that go up Putney Hill towards the Heath including the numbers 14, 85 and 93.