All runs are suspended until further notice.

In view of the Government’s advice on travel and gathering in pubs the mismanagement have decided to suspend all West London Hash runs and social events for the foreseeable future, apart from regular Zoom events which we shall hold every Thursday evening, members, regulars and past West London Hashers are all welcome to join these. We will review the position regularly going forward and decisions on future runs will be published here, and through the email circulation group. Members who pay an annual subscription will have their membership automatically extended by the period of the run suspension and the Hash cash will adjust their renewal dates accordingly.

1 thought on “All runs are suspended until further notice.

  1. Rambo

    Whilst the great & good – or MisManagement – are mulling this over, the Isle of Wight HHH seem to have come up with a good interim solution at lest at for the moment, though admittedly they don’t use tubes to get to the hash. They, assuming the hare or an alternative is OK to set trail, is carry on, taking care to be a bit spaced out. Pub looks optional/ subject to being open.

    Barnes & Catch seem to be similar. And guerrilla HHH are already springing up. Two in London plus hares improvising unofficial runs.

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