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Run 1645, 23rd March 2017 – The Sir Richard Steele, Chalk Farm

A not-too-challenging trail (5.9km) set by Mudgee Smuggler around the delightfully posh neighbourhood of Primrose Hill.

The hare also provided a drink stop on some random canal boat that he had somehow commandeered on the Grand Union Canal.  Reportedly,  he had procured all the drink for <£10 at Morrisons.  Who would have guessed?

Down downs for all the usual suspects. Hopefully our singing did not upset the rest of the pub’s clientele who were apparently attending a wake!

Run 1643, 9th March 2017 – The Pavillion, Wood Lane

A fine trail set by Sir Humpalot, with plenty of shiggy for those who like that sort of thing.

The Scrubs

Drink stop provided courtesy of Eagermount.  Most of the pack managed to keep out of HMP Wormwood Scrubs, hence the usual number of miscreants were present for the down-downs once we got back to the pub.  We had one visitor down-down for Steptoe from Pattaya Hash, no doubt back in blighty to revisit the old scrap yard in nearby Goldhawk Road.  (A surprising number of WLH hashers appeared to be not-unfamiliar with Steptoe’s home hash. Not sure why that might be!?)


Run 1641, 23th February 2017 – The William Morris, Hammersmith

Suddenly, figure-of-eight runs are all the rage in West London!  Last week, Pickled Fart’s innovative Richmond trail.  This week, Bhopal’s trail with not just one, but two, crossovers – here is the evidence:

Hammersmith Trail

A well marked trail, as you would expect from our hare raiser, with (many) perfectly circular checks, just to show off his draughtsmanship skills, I suspect.  A welcome rum and coke at the drink stop, located at Bhopal’s local floating social club/lounge. (OK, more of a tool-shed/workshop, but on WLH we are not too fussy).  Finally, loads of cheap beer and the obligatory down-downs back at the Weatherspoons.