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Run 1737 – The Chancellors, Hammersmith, 27th December 2018

A chance for hashers to maintain their blood alcohol levels in that otherwise quiet period between Christmas and New Year.  The trail around Hammersmith  was set by Bhopal with assistance from co-hare Hands On.  Quite a few visitors along for the ride including two from, I believe, Ethiopia.  The drink stop was, predictably, held on Bhopal’s floating cocktail bar (workshop) and featured a very palatable mulled wine and sausage rolls.

KMA presided as RA and doled out the usual down-downs.

Run 1736 – The Duke of Clarence, Gloucester Road, 20th December 2018

A pleasant run around the posh streets of Chelsea, hared by Stay Over, including a drink stop featuring half pint glasses of Bells whisky and/or Malibu (mix to taste).  The walking hashers somehow managed to miss this treat, but they did not seem to upset about this as they were fist back to the pub.

In the Circle, RA services were provided by Wacker, with down-downs to visitors from Norway and Jordan (I think).

Run 1735 – The Stags Head, Great Portland Street, 13th December 2018

This was the annual Santa Run, hared as is the tradition,  by Pope.  A pleasant tour around the festive Christmas lights of London’s West End,  with the added bonus of providing an amusing spectacle for the throngs of tourists clogging up every street and square.

The Stags Head provided its usual lashings of hot hash food, which was most welcome after freezing our b*****ks off in the sub-zero conditions. Three beers on offer, which did not run out all night. What more can you ask for?   Oh yes, Santa’s Sack full of lovely pressies!  I just need to find a car now in which to hang my fluffy dice!

RA duties ably performed by Mad Cow, with down-downs for two virgin hashers from the USA.




Run 1732 – The Grosvenor, Pimlico, 22nd November 2018

This weeks run was hared by Murphys and took us around the streets of Chelsea and along the Embankment.  There were ominous indications of things to come at the pre-run briefing when the hare said that there would be an indoor drink-stop – hooray! – and no checks for the entire trail – WTF!   So it was a relentless slog for the first 4km to the drink strop, which was located in a hair salon (see pics elsewhere), with the pack arriving in dribs and drabs.  But it was worth the effort with a good supply of beer and wine, and a selection of cheese nibbles.  Then back out onto the streets for a somewhat straight run back to the pub (see map).

The circle was presided over by RA KMA, and amongst the down-downs was a special one for Optimist, consisting of a bottle of Hoptimist beer.

Run 1731 – The Blue Boat, Hammersmith, 15th November 2018

First time hashing from the Blue Boat for West London. Our hare for the evening was Giving Head, setting a trail around the Barnes side of Hammersmith Bridge.  Not bad in general, but rather lacking chalk/flour in places with the result that several latecomers were somewhat disorientated.  Anyway, all ended well with a generous supply of hot Hungarian food and plenty of drink back at the hare’s apartment.

Back at the pub, RA Butt Plug presided over the circle with his customary witty repartee, and down-downs were awarded to the usual suspects