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Run 1722, The Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, 13th September 2018

A joint Humpalot – No Foreplay production, tonight’s trail took a particularly large pack of hashers from the historic Ram Brewery around some of the sights of Wandsworth.

I’m sure the large turnout had nothing whatsoever to do with the provision of copious quantities of specially brewed Hasher’s beer and a mountain of pizza, all for the paltry sum of £7.00.  But well done to Sir Hump and Foreplay for a very well organised event.  We even got a brief history of the Ram Brewery from the brewmeister himself.  Amazingly there was actually un-drunk beer and uneaten pizza left over when everyone was turfed out at 11pm.

A great night out indeed!

Run 1721, Duffy’s, Northfields, 6th September 2018

This was Pope’s traditional birthday run around the Boston Manor area, with a few more interesting loops thrown in for good measure, thanks to his co-hare.  I may have inadvertently short-cutted somewhere as my trail only came to 7km whereas Pope assured us that the one he had set was precisely 8km.

Traditional drink stop in Pope’s back garden, with birthday cake kindly provided by Mrs Pope.

Usual down downs back at Duffys, overseen by RA Whacker.

Run 1719, The Greenwood, Northolt, 23rd August 2018

A fine trail was set around the Sudbury Hill / Notholt  area, by our hare,  Yorky Porky, with a drink stop thrown in for good measure in the hare’s front porch.

The only drawback with the Greenwood pub is that it is over a mile from the nearest tube stations, so that many hashers have lost the will to live by the time they actually get to the starting point.   Normally the compensation is that , as a Wetherspoons pub, the Greenwood would have a large selection of beers at less than £2.50 a pint.  This may have been the case initially, but by the end of the evening we had drained most of the beer offerings and the landlord was serving up ‘new’ casks of truly disgusting beer that was well past its sell-by date.

The situation was redeemed somewhat by the tasty and good value curries on offer that night.

Run 1718 – the George and Dragon, Thames Ditton, 16th August 2018

Our hare for the day was Pickled Fart, who had gallantly taken over the diary slot from Air Head.

As one would expect from a veteran hare, a well laid trail around the paths and woodlands of Thames Ditton .  At 6.5km not too long either, which nobody complained about.

Usual banter in the circle including down-downs for our three visitors, whose names I’m afraid I forget.