Grand Master:- Butt Plug

Hare Raiser:- Called Away

If you would like to volunteer to lay a Trail email the Hare Raiser by clicking on This link

Religious Advisors:- Wacker and Kiss My Arse

Hash Cash:- Mad Cow and Come Forth in Orange

Social Secretaries:- Casting Slouch

Haberdasher:-  Man Magnet

If you would like to buy a West London T-Shirt at one of our runs then contact us in advance, without obligation, the Haberdasher will try to bring the size(s) you want to try on a night you will be there.

Hash Flash:- Optimist.

Website and Weekly Email:- Pickled Fart

If you would like any Hash related events publicised on the web site or in the weekly email you can contact PF by clicking here. Weekly email normally goes out on Wednesday but occasionally Tuesday so please notify him by Tuesday afternoon of any items for that week’s email.

If you do not currently receive weekly email and would like to be included on the circulation list then click here

Any, or all of, the mismanagement can be contacted using our contact form.