Previous runs

05 December 2019 Osterley A-B

Run Number 1788 – An A to B run starting from near the station

This will be an A to B run. There will be a trail of chalk P arrows from Osterley tube station to the Hare’s car, which will be parked in Jersey Road (or just off) to the north and east of the station Map Link and the run will start from his car, wherein bags can be left for transportation to the end of the run, so long as you turn up on time for 19.15 hours, turn up later and you may have to carry your bag on trail. The trail will be substantially off- road, and therefore muddy and it will be dark, so bring a TORCH, you will need it, and a some dry shoes for after the run. To keep things interesting, and this Hare does like to keep things “interesting”, the destination (B) will be kept a secret! But it has good transport links and will be easier to get home from (for most) than Osterley. In case you get lost the Hare will have his mobile and will check it occasionally, the number will be given out at the start and will be in the weekly email. The Hare is Rambo

Hare: Rambo

14 November 2019 Northolt

Run Number 1785 – The Greenwood Hotel 674 Whitton Ave W, Northolt UB5 4LA


Hare: Yorky Porky

P-trail will be from Northolt station (central line). An alternative, and possibly better, option would be to take the 487  Bus from Alperton or Sudbury Town  towards South Harrow and get off at Keble Close stop which is outside the pub.

31 October 2019 – Non-Brexs*it Halloween P*ss-Up at the Ram Brewery

Run Number 1783 – Ram Brewery.

Wear Your Scariest Non-Brexsh*t Armageddon Outfit!

  • For Elf & Safety you need to register by following this link
  • Members £10 and non-Members £12 to be paid cash on the door!
  • Includes all the beer you can drink in 2.5 hours
  • Includes roughly half a pizza each to soak up the booze


Hare: Sir Humpalot & Casting Slouch

P-trail from Wandsworth Town station (Main line)