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Run 1818, Richmond Park Halloween Run, 29th October 2020

This year’s Halloween Run was hared by Casting Slouch and took us around the spooky, and somewhat muddy, interior of Richmond Park. And what a run it was, with abundant shiggy on the first stretch making the going somewhat treacherous for the unwary hasher. Did I mention drink stops? Casting Slouch had laid on no fewer than four drink/treat stops, each manned by a ghoulish helper and providing a range of alcoholic refreshments, including jellies, cocktails (some variant on an Old-Fashioned, as I recall), cider++, and good old beer. Treats included brownies and spiced pumpkin cookies. And the hare sensibly kept the trail to a reasonable length in view of the difficulty of getting around Richmond Park in the dark, and the need to spend some time socialising at the numerous drink stops. (Note for future hares: no hare has ever got a down-down for setting too short a trail.)

It was generally agreed that this Halloween Trail would be a hard act to follow. Well done Slouch!

Run 1816, Twickenham, 15th October 2020

This weeks run was hared by Minge & Tonic, and took us on a tour around some of Twickenham’s highlights (and lowlights). We finished up for a drink stop on the riverside, opposite Eel Pie Island, after which the pack split up into smaller groups and headed for the local pubs for what will be our last indoor socialising for a while. Come 10pm, we were all chucked out of our respective pubs, but this was not the end of the evening. It turned out that some how we had not managed to drink all the drinkstop beer at our first attempt, so Minge & Tonic invited us to reconvene back at the riverside to rectify that oversight. Many of us gladly accepted that invitation.

Run 1812, Richmond Park (via Kingston Gate), 17th September 2020

First hash of the new “rule-of-six” era, hared by Man Magnet. Starting from Kingston Gate into Richmond Park, and taking us via a well laid trail into a veritable labyrinth inside the Isabella Plantation, from which only a few hashers managed to escape.

Those fortunate enough to find their way out made it to the socially-distanced drink stop, where a one-in, one-out rule just about managed to keep the total numbers down to six for most of the time. But unfortunately no circle and down-downs in these unusual times. Then on to various pubs in Norbiton and Kingston for additional refreshment in our smaller groupings. Not ideal, but a great hash none the less.

Run 1811 The Kings Arms, Ealing, 10th September 2020

This week’s trail was hared by virgin WLH hares Sex Toy and Headmistress, and took us around several of the green spaces in the borough of Ealing. Afterwards, Sex Toy admitted that, at > 11.5km, it was somewhat longer than he had intended, but he had “just got carried away”. Anyway, a well laid trail, with a drink stop. Or in the end, two drink stops. The first attempt resulted in the first dozen or so hashers getting locked into Walpole Park by some council jobsworth. Having escaped from that, drink stop #2 was established on Ealing Green and successfully served the remaining hashers. A brief circle was convened to thank the hares for their efforts, and welcome miscellaneous visitors and returnees. Then back to the Kings Arms for more beers, and the supply of hash chips and sandwiches. Not sure whether this was thanks to the efforts of our Hare Raiser, Optimist, the hares, or just the landlord’s good heart. Anyway, most welcome. Also on offer was substantial quantities of Ethopean injera flat-bread, supplied by Sex Toy to celebrate the Ethopean New Year, which is on 11 September.