HARES NEEDED most dates 9 August 2018 OnOnwards

Pick your date now!

Use the “Leave a reply” button above or at the run date you can do.


Hare Raiser, WLH3

4 thoughts on “HARES NEEDED most dates 9 August 2018 OnOnwards

  1. Rambo

    Afraid Jan 14 is a bit short notice and then will be difficult for a few weeks; excuses include 21 school parents evening, 28 busy work week before skiing, 4 skiing. 11 Feb looks OK (pub willing) if that’s any use? From Ealing Broadway, pub the Duke of Kent assuming they want us, 2nd choice the Haven Arms.

    On on, Rambo.

  2. Mudgee Smugglwr


    I’ll hare a run sometime in March! Put me down for the 23rd. Will let you know if plans change.

    Mudgee Smuggler

  3. PF

    Thanks Pog, can we contact you on that HHH email address your registered? If not please send a contact email to us please at westlondonh3@gmail.com, so that Bhopal can get in touch with you you about this run.


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