Run 1887 – Thursday June 23rd ~ St James’s Park

Hares – All Fours and Dingo

This week’s run will be from the Buckingham Arms, 62 Petty France, London SW1H 9EU  Map Link. The nearest tube station is St James’s Park and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from there to help you find this pub. The run will start at the pub at our usual time of 19.15 Hours and the pub will provide unsecured bag storage.

This will be a Suffragette Run! To mark the anniversary of Women’s Sunday on the 21 June 1908 when Emmeline Pankhurst led a march of half a million people through central London to persuade the government of the day to support votes for women. Suitable fancy dress is encouraged for all participants and male Hashers may be provided with an item of fancy dress, as well as being subject to other acts of random punishment and humiliation. There will be several drink stops so bring your own cup.

Pre-registration is encouraged for all those attending West London’s runs, if you are coming on this run please register by clicking on This Link.

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