Run 1906 – Thursday October 27th ~ Ravenscourt Park

Harse – Smart Ar*e, For Sale or Rent, Kebab

This week’s run will be from the The Prince of Wales pub, 73 Dalling Road, London W6 0JD Map Link. The nearest station is Ravenscourt Park Tube station and there will be a trail of chalk P arrows from there to help you find this pub. The run will start from the pub at our usual time of 19.15 hours

There will be a Hallowe’en theme, so dress spookily.

There will be a drink stop, with a variety of beer in cans, so you won’t need collapsible cups.

The pub is happy to store bags, but not securely, so if anyone isn’t running it might be a good idea to have a volunteer mind the bags.

The hares have booked the outside garden area for afterwards, which according to SA ‘should be warm enough as they have those heater buttons in the booths as well as a large flame unit in the middle’.

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