16th January – Rayners Lane

Funny old world innit. My previous scribe duties were in June 2013 on LH3’s trail from the Village Inn, Rayners Lane and the hare was, surprise, surprise ……. Wacker. I kid you not, have a read at http://www.londonhash.org/onpaper/onpaper201311.pdf page 3.

The Village Inn, being a Wetherspoons pub is able to cater for most hasher’s needs given their low, low prices. Casting a glance along the bar, I was looking forward to my post trail stimulation from either a Redhead or some Naked Ladies. The Ladies from the Twickenham brewery were clearly doing good business that night as Pope had already sampled their wares even before we had set off.

I was not overly confident of the weather prediction of no rain between 7 & 9 pm on the Beeb’s website given their recent track record. Even local’ish hhh Kiss My A*s was conspicuous by his absence so perhaps he knew something we didn’t. We were however, promised a drink stop although I doubted that the rucksack carried all the way around the run by Stayover contained 25 bottles of Fullers Past Masters.

All started well, the trail as ever clearly marked by Wacker with a nice variety of loops & false trails, ably assisted by his not so little helper Roadkill. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail made its way up to Harrow on the Hill as I realised that I have never been through the centre of this part of town. From the magnificent splendor of the school’s stained glass windows to the quaintness of the streets, it was a real pleasure. Even those uppy downy bits didn’t bother me either, such was the zen like state I was in.

Of course, all good things must come to an end when the rain arrived. A gentle drizzle at first then steady precipitation to dampen the spirits of all so to speak. Even the usually laid back Nutsucker was moaning ‘I can’t see a bloody thing’ and Stayover wasn’t a happy bunny either given that his already heavy backpack was now saturated.

Fortunately, our most considerate Hare had arranged our drink stop under cover of a Pavilion. (Nutsucker told me it was a public toilet – Dingo) The tetrapacks of Tescos Everyday Spanish Wine and Liquorice Allsorts went down a treat with the pack as the remaining hardy souls toasted their achievements in getting this far. Ta Nutsucker for saving me all the blue knobbly ones, I think the correct term is ‘aniseed jelly’. Strangely no sign of Pope which is unusual when there is free alcohol on offer. It turned out that the trail had ‘allegedly’ been washed out so he decided to return to the pub via public transport. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we believe you…….

Much as it would have been nice to admire the art deco architecture of the Zoroastrian Centre, we were all cold and soaked through so warmth and beer was the only thing on our minds. Thanks to a combination of Ryde’s directions and excellent guesswork, we made it back to the Village Inn in double quick time.

Down Downs:

Pope for spending most of the trail recalling his childhood memories of the area to anyone who would listen. Love Deuce did exclusively so joined him in the circle.

Thunderthighs and Pecker for taking their umbrellas on trail.

More On and Last Tango for keeping absolutely bone dry by not participating in the first place.  (sounds very sensible if you ask me – dingo)


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