Eight Bells 8 November 2012

WLH3 Micro trash for run # 1416 at Eight Bells, Putney Bridge. Hare: Rollback

There’s nothing like a memorable run and true to hash form this was nothing like a memorable run: pavement bashing, no use of surrounding greenery with only moderate views of the river. Likewise the pub: whilst once a standard bearer for H3 food, is now reduced to offering a few bowls of under – cooked chips. As such, the hash is an allegory for getting old: nothing ever improves.

However, the down downs did provide some entertainment:

Visitor Oral S* from bonnie wee Scotland lived up to the national stereotype by arriving p**d on the largesse of others (her employer) and leaving even more p**d but in between provided amusement for all by taking 10 minutes to put on her shoes (I can’t bring myself to say running shoes).

Hobo was shameless in conducting business in hash time and Tango solicited yet another free ride, this time from a bus driver. I’ll leave the reader to imagine the form of payment.

Love Duece from the UAE H3 was a welcome visitor, as was the virgin from Venezuela (erm..got to be a story there). It’s always nice to see normal people before they’ve been turned by the H3.

Finally yours truly, whose heroic derring-do in foiling an armed robbery was cruelly distorted into self-harm by trolley surfing in the local supermarket. As if..

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