Run 1641, 23th February 2017 – The William Morris, Hammersmith

Suddenly, figure-of-eight runs are all the rage in West London!  Last week, Pickled Fart’s innovative Richmond trail.  This week, Bhopal’s trail with not just one, but two, crossovers – here is the evidence:

Hammersmith Trail

A well marked trail, as you would expect from our hare raiser, with (many) perfectly circular checks, just to show off his draughtsmanship skills, I suspect.  A welcome rum and coke at the drink stop, located at Bhopal’s local floating social club/lounge. (OK, more of a tool-shed/workshop, but on WLH we are not too fussy).  Finally, loads of cheap beer and the obligatory down-downs back at the Weatherspoons.

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