Run 1714 – The Globe Brentford, 19th July 2018

AGPU run hared by outgoing GM Wacker, around Brentford and Ealing.

Good drink stop, as is usual from Wacker.

A large turnout, no doubt due to the promise of hash food.  And it has to be said that the Globe did serve up an excellent curry, which seemed to disappear rather quickly, as did the chips.

Down downs for the outgoing GM who somehow managed to convince Butt Plug to take over the job.  Similarly to Bhopal as outgoing hare raiser and his replacement, Called Away.  Thanks to both for doing a great job for many years, and good luck to their replacements!

Down downs also to the rest of the committee who remain largely unchanged having failed to find some mug to take over their respective roles.

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