Run 1717 – The Kings Arms, Ealing, 9th August 2018

One has to feel sorry for our hare, Optimist.  After a morning of steady rain, the sky sort of clears and he sets a fine trail around the leafy suburb of Ealing, only for it to piss down again at 6pm and wash away all his good work.  So off he has to go all over again, relaying the trail. You would almost think that the RA had it in for him.

Come hash on on time, and we have perfect cool conditions for a change and a well laid trail.

From a personal perspective, good to be back in Ealing again, although a senior moment strikes and I forget where Ealing Green (and the drink stop) is situated. Doh!  Talking of drink stops, we were treated to a refreshing glass of cannabis cordial courtesy of Kenny.  After that, my memory of events become rather cloudy.  Usual down downs for the hare, visitor Half Finger (I think?), and Man Magnet for the design of the new West London shirt. (See photos for samples modelled by various hunky hashers).





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