Run 1729 – The Albany, Twickenham, 1st November 2018

An early Guy Fawkes or late Halloween hash, depending on which way you look at it.

A well laid trail around Twickenham, set by our hare for the evening, Man Magnet, with suitably frustrating false trails en route.  A particularly challenging check-back on  the final check left most of the pack stranded, frustratingly near the promised drink stop but with no obvious route to follow, and required a phone call to the hare to get us back on track.  It was worth the wait as Man Magnet had provided plenty of wine plus a large box of her excellent sausage rolls, which even hungry hashers did not immediately snarf.  To top it all we had a firework display! Not just sparklers, but real banging and flashing stuff plus some rockets thrown in for good measure.  I believe the hare was assisted by Pickled Fart, Called Away and Rent Boy in putting on this display, so thanks to them for their efforts.

Back at the Albany for the circle presided over by RA Wacker, with down-downs for a number of overseas visitors and returnees.

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