Run 1738 – The Watermans Arms, Brentford, 3rd January 2019

The first run of the new year was hared by Ryde and Table Whine, and was the first of several celebrations to mark the start of their retirement from the world of work.  Hence, they kicked off the proceedings wearing their slippers, and promised us hot Horlicks for the drink stop.

The trail was set around the scenic backstreets of Brenford, and was something of a nostalgia trip for at least two of the pack.  The length of the trail did indeed turn out to be just right, as promised. As the hare helpfully pointed out, if it had been any shorter, we would not have got back to the pub, and had it been any longer we would have overshot our destination.  A drink-stop was laid on featuring some hot toddy. Not Horlicks, but OK under the circumstances.

Back at the pub, something of a crisis atmosphere prevailed. Gordon, the landlord, had been rushed to A&E earlier in the day. His deputy was gamely trying to serve a mass of thirsty hashers, and was down to his last barrel of beer.   Luckily Gordon did make it back before the end of the evening, apparently all well, and the beer flow was duly restored.

RA duties were performed by Wacker and various visitors and a virgin were duly awarded down-downs.  Then Rambo briefly took over the RA role to inform the circle that one of our number had been awarded a MBE in the New Years Honours List.  In fact the recipient of this award was none other than Wacker himself!   Arise, Sir Wacker, we are not worthy to run in your footsteps, etc, etc.

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