Run 1743 – The Bell and Crown, Chiswick, 7th February 2019

The expectations for this run were not great when the hare for the evening, Generator, announced at the start that the On-out was in both directions!  Which did indeed turn out to be the case, much to the confusion of the pack.

She also demonstrated her ingenious trail marker flour dispenser, in the form of a plastic milk bottle with a hole in the bottom.  Whilst an interesting idea in theory, in practice the amount of flour dispensed was so slight that only those with particularly good eyesight and night vision were able to pick out the trail, which meandered around the streets of Brentford/Chiswick/Kew.

Eventually some of us FRBs with a smattering of local knowledge managed to find our way to the drink stop, only to encounter a lonely looking Moron with a bag of crisps, but no drink.  After waiting for 15 minutes and still no sign of the hare with the drink, several of us headed back to the pub for some beer. (Apparently the hare with the drink did eventually arrive, though by some accounts,  not necessarily worth waiting for).

Down downs were awarded accordingly in the circle, once the hashers had found their way back to the pub.

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