Run 1745 – Duffy’s Bar, Ealing, 21st February 2019

Our hare, Rambo, almost missed the start of his own trail, arriving just in time but somewhat breathless form setting this marathon, which turned out to be somewhat on the lengthy side at more than 10.5 km. But then we would expect no less from a Rambo trail. Also, as promised, plenty of shiggy and several scrambles up and down a series of earthworks adjacent to the M4, in an area never before hashed by West London (even Pope verified this claim).

Eventually most of us got the the drink stop for a very welcome hot cider/calvados punch plus shortbread.  Just what was needed after that slog.

Back in Duffy’s Bar, KMA officiated in the circle and handed out down downs to the hare, our visitor from the Florida Hash (also called Duffy as it happens), and a hash virgin from Hanwell.  Trophy WLH beer mugs were also awarded to Who Killed Kenny, Hands On, and Come Forth in Orange for having participated in (at least) 100 hashes with West London.

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