Run 1759 – Tide End Cottage, Teddington, 30th May 2019

Good choice of pub for this trail (particularly as it is just around the corner for me), right next to the Teddington Lock Bridge.  Hared by some combination of Contour and Last Tango, the latter taking advantage of an e-bike for extra mobility.   A pleasant winding trail around the leafy lanes and housing estates of Ham Common, spoiled only slightly by the fact that the WLH trail overlapped another trail on much the same route apparently laid by the Richmond Stragglers (or whatever). Anyway, it was enough to fool one or two of our less frequent hashers, who ended up mistakenly following these FRBs along the Thames towpath for quite a distance until they realised that they were travelling far too fast to be actual hashers. Which made them late for the excellent drink stop where Tango was serving rhubarb gin and tonic, with views over the lock.

Usual stuff back at the pub, with Butt Plug presiding over the circle, and several visitors receiving down-downs.  We also toasted the health of the latest hash couple: Dunny Penny and Rent Boy.

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