Run 1761 – The Duke of Cambridge, Battersea, 13th June 2019

A pleasant trail around Battersea Park and surrounding area set by our hare, No Foreplay.  Apparently a good drink stop was provided at the hare’s apartment, but some of the pack (me included)  bailed out and short-cutted it back to the pub once we realised that it was going to go way over the advertised 8.5 km mark.  (By my reckoning, the total trail would have been >11 km, drink stop included.)

Back in the circle, a few visitors were rewarded with the traditional the traditional down-downs by RA Plug.  We also had a naming ceremony for a hitherto unnamed hasher, who was anointed by the RA as “Saint Loo”, after the street where she chose to have a not-so-discrete pee. (It really exists – see map).

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