Run 1772 – The Magpie and Crown, Brentford, 29th August 2019

A return to familiar Brentford haunts for our hare, 2AM, and your scribe (and Knickers). They are still in the process of knocking Brentford down, but about 12 years too late in my opinion. Anyway, our hare laid a trail around Brentford old and new, and we got to see the new blue road leading to the shortly-to-be-closed Brewery Tap. Then on to the new Brentford football ground at Kew Bridge station, on on for a nostalgic run around the old Griffin Park stadium, before finally heading down the canal to a welcome beer stop.

Back in the Magpie and Crown we were faced with a bewildering choice of fine ales and a hash feast laid on by the landlord, who just happens to be 2AM’s next-door neighbour. Much appreciated, thanks! In the circle we were treated to an RA double act comprising Pope and Robocop, with some fine repartee as a result, including dog impressions by Petal and some weird dance performed by Ryde, Table Whine and a couple of our visitors.

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