Run 1778, The Adelaide, Teddington 26th September 2019

This trail was to have been hared by KC but apparently he has done his back in (get well soon KC), so Dingo and Foreskin agreed to take over the hare role at relatively short notice. So it was that we set off for a very enjoyable run around Bushy Park, thanks to a well marked trail and the fact that heavy rain from earlier in the day held off for most of the evening. Thankfully no hashers were rutted by amorous stags during the run.

A drink stop was on offer, featuring (I think) a refreshing gin and prosecco cocktail, accompanied by Foreskin’s home made sausage rolls.
Back in the pub, RA duties were ably performed by Butt Plug and the usual suspects were awarded their down-downs. I managed to avoid one myself due to Stevie Blunder being visually challenged and mistakenly identifying another, totally innocent, hasher as me and therefore guilty of my misdemeanour. The evening in Teddington was not totally wasted for Bulldozer, who managed to stock up on Christmas presents for her family by rummaging through the recycling bins left out by us wealthy, posh, Teddington residents.

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