Run 1779, The Stags head, Portland Place, 3rd October 2019

This week’s run was hared by Lay Me (with drink stop assistance from Called Away), and supposedly was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Peoples Republic of China. We were treated to a tour around the West End, surprisingly under the circumstances missing out on Chinatown, even though we passed very nearby. We ended up with a drink stop outside the Chinese Consulate in Portland Place, with plenty of beer and wine on offer, plus fortune cookies and other Chinese themed nibbles. My cookie revealed that: ‘you will find great fortune in unexpected places’. I’m still waiting.

Back in the Stags Head, RA Butt Plug presided over a fairly brief circle, at which down downs were awarded to the hare and our various visitors. The reason for the brevity was the imminent arrival of the traditional Stags Head hashers feast, kindly provided by the pub landlord. That shut everyone up for a good few minutes. Normal beer lubricated socialising resumed for the remainder of the evening.

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