Run 1781, The Eight Bells, Putney , 17th October 2019

Our hare for the evening was More For Less, who set a neat trail around Putney and Fulham, via Putney and Wandsworth bridges. The RA had done his job well, and the weather remained dry for the duration of the hash. The hare wisely decided to forgo a drink stop so that we could be back in the pub and commence our drinking well before the arrival of the rugby club. The added incentive was the provision of hash food by the Eight Bells, which turned out to be an excellent tasty and filling chicken curry. In fact the pub did us proud with quick service and decent beer for the whole evening, in spite of having to deal with the rugby club influx.

In the circle RA Whacker dished out the usual down-downs to the hare, our visitors, and various miscreants. All in all, a good evening’s hashing.

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