Run 1783, The Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, 31st October 2019

Originally billed as the Halloween Brexit Run, this weeks hash was a chance to celebrate (or bemoan) a further 3 months as Europeans. The joint hares for the evening were Sir Humpalot and Casting Slouch, who between them laid the trail around Wandsworth, as well as organising the beer and food for the evening. More on that later, but I think it s fair to say that they demonstrated that WLH can indeed arrange a piss-up in a brewery.

Casting Slouch, in her role as MC for the trail, was dressed in a fetching skeleton suit and provided suitable acoustic ambience around the trail in the form of the spooky soundtrack emanating from her mini ghetto blaster. Nice touch that. Added spookiness was provided by a couple of caped ghouls in Scream masks who seemed to crop up everywhere. (Turned out that this was Stevie Blunder and Miss Bean – but then who else could have run fast enough to always be on check first?) A well set trail – perfect length and managing largely to avoid the residue from the WLH trail of the previous week. We were on the lookout for bodies lying dead in ditches, but the only two Borises to be seen appeared to be very much alive.

Back in the Brewery, we were treated to a selection of 4 beers of which I believe 3 had been brewed specially for this occasion. Then the pizzas arrived! Enough for 1/2 a pizza each, so even the hoard of hungry West London and City hashers could only just finish them. Next on to the circle, presided over by RA Whacker, who proceeded to hand out Ram Brewery beer to just about anyone on any pretext. Oh, and there were some virgins who were introduced into the delights of hashing. A great night out.

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