Run 1786, The Windermere, South Kenton, 21st November 2019

On a somewhat chilly evening, Whacker’s promise that there would be no river crossings was most welcome (except perhaps for Rambo). Thus it was that we set off on a well marked trail around the streets and parks around South Kenton, enduring several false trails, until we finished up at a drink stop with plenty of the excellent Brewdog beer, and liquorice all-sorts !?! The pack did not linger too long there, knowing that a warm pub and possibly hot food awaited back at the Windermere.

Back at the pub the promised hash food did indeed make an appearance and was duly demolished in the customary feeding frenzy for which the WLH is well known. Pope took on RA duties and duly castigated random hashers for whatever misdemeanour. Then back to the social drinking. Thanks to the landlord of the Windermere for the hospitality.

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