Run 1802, The Country House, Earlsfield, 12th March 2020

This week’s run was hared by Casual Simon, and kicked off from Earlsfield, one of the less commonly frequented stops on the Waterloo loop line. His trail took us along the Wandle towards Wandsworth, before looping around and heading back via Wandsworth Common to the Country House pub in Earlsfield. Not a bad trail with, for the most part, very clear arrows and just the right number of checks. However a number of us were caught out by the occasional complete disappearance of any visible trail for some considerable distance (hence the strange loops on the map below.) The hare was kind enough to provide a drink stop featuring one or two bottles of Sambuca and similar spirits from the back of his drinks cabinet, which seemed to be well received.

Back in the Country House, we were pleased to find that they had at least a couple of drinkable ales on tap. Certainly enough to lubricate the circle, overseen by RA Whacker on this occasion. Deputy RA’s in training, Casting Slouch and Roadrunner, received down-downs for not taking their training seriously enough. Must try harder next time! Your scribe contributed a few bags of hash chips to go with the post-circle drinking, as he was feeling rather peckish after the 9km run. They seemed to disappear fairly rapidly.

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