Run 1811 The Kings Arms, Ealing, 10th September 2020

This week’s trail was hared by virgin WLH hares Sex Toy and Headmistress, and took us around several of the green spaces in the borough of Ealing. Afterwards, Sex Toy admitted that, at > 11.5km, it was somewhat longer than he had intended, but he had “just got carried away”. Anyway, a well laid trail, with a drink stop. Or in the end, two drink stops. The first attempt resulted in the first dozen or so hashers getting locked into Walpole Park by some council jobsworth. Having escaped from that, drink stop #2 was established on Ealing Green and successfully served the remaining hashers. A brief circle was convened to thank the hares for their efforts, and welcome miscellaneous visitors and returnees. Then back to the Kings Arms for more beers, and the supply of hash chips and sandwiches. Not sure whether this was thanks to the efforts of our Hare Raiser, Optimist, the hares, or just the landlord’s good heart. Anyway, most welcome. Also on offer was substantial quantities of Ethopean injera flat-bread, supplied by Sex Toy to celebrate the Ethopean New Year, which is on 11 September.

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