Run 1818, Richmond Park Halloween Run, 29th October 2020

This year’s Halloween Run was hared by Casting Slouch and took us around the spooky, and somewhat muddy, interior of Richmond Park. And what a run it was, with abundant shiggy on the first stretch making the going somewhat treacherous for the unwary hasher. Did I mention drink stops? Casting Slouch had laid on no fewer than four drink/treat stops, each manned by a ghoulish helper and providing a range of alcoholic refreshments, including jellies, cocktails (some variant on an Old-Fashioned, as I recall), cider++, and good old beer. Treats included brownies and spiced pumpkin cookies. And the hare sensibly kept the trail to a reasonable length in view of the difficulty of getting around Richmond Park in the dark, and the need to spend some time socialising at the numerous drink stops. (Note for future hares: no hare has ever got a down-down for setting too short a trail.)

It was generally agreed that this Halloween Trail would be a hard act to follow. Well done Slouch!

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