Run no 1426 from the JJ Moon, Kingsbury. Hared by Funky Gibbon.

To tear a group or eaters and drinkers away from a perfectly serviceable pub offering dinner and beer combined for less than £5 is less than gentlemanly, to encourage them out into the cold is even less so, but this was Funky Gibbons lot for Hash 1426. Starting in close proximity from a tube station however was a welcome change helping to avoiding the 2.5 hour homeward journey endured by various hashers the previous week.

With the presence of visitors confirmed, Post Anal Drip began his explanation of the bizarre feature of hashing in San Diego – mainly that they were very fast hashers as the proliferation of Kenyan distances runners running out of the 11 kennels frequently led to confusion. Stayover explained this later in crystal clear terms only a legal mind could master…

A brisk on on to the left, down and over some main roads soon placed the pack in a number of fiendish but well marked checks before taking the clean trainered and (for the most part) un-torch equipped into the dark, the long cold dark muddy mess overlooking North London, at times lending wonder to where, exactly, one & the pack could be. Up round and through the passage ways however and one could be left with no doubt as the regroup permitted a wonderful nighttime view of that continual theater of disappointment, Wembly Stadium.

Down down and through some backyards into a stop for some well deserved and very welcome refreshments in the form of those well known January treats of jelly babies and Licorice all sorts, but more importantly the nip of gods own supply, just to keep the chill out, you know?

Back through the off road, through what should have dirtied the footwear of all, through and over more fields, (but no dogging locations this week) and then back to the inn, for dinns, and downs.

As a relative newcomer to the sport there are two things learned this week. 1) Never wash your trainers and then take them to the hash/never wear new socks either. 2) never eat the ‘mega’ size curry before the down downs start, not unless the rennies are close to hand.

As the pack had consisted of many ‘men’ who, frankly don’t know what cold means only 3 hardy Scots set forth in shorts, and for such a heinous crime such as showing the English up, were promptly reminded not to do so again… as was highlighted, the carpet was clearly designed to hide and potential re-visitations from the Mega curry, but thankfully this went untested.

Lessons learned, humm, now to apply them…

On On

Watering Matilda

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