Virtual Run 6, Azalea Run, 7th May 2020

This week’s virtual hash will be hared by Man Magnet, and will feature her traditional Azalea Run trail.

Here is Man Magnet’s quiz to accompany the video.


  1. Which British monarch first enclosed the area known as Richmond Park by having a wall built around it?
    Charles 1 in 1637 escaping from an outbreak of the plague in London
    Henry VII changed name to Richmond Park…used to be
    known as the Manor of Sheen during Edward I 1272 – 1307
  2. What is the area of Richmond Park?
    Nearly 10 sq km 2500 acres (3 times the size of New York’s Central park)
  3. The white house in the video is known as the Thatched House Lodge (presumably it used to have a thatched roof). Which member of the Royal family resides here now and what is her relationship to the Monarch?
    Princess Alexandra- Cousin to the Queen (also accept Lady Ogilvy)
  4. a) How many deer in Richmond Park? 630 deer
    b)What indigenous British deer species is NOT found in Richmond Park? Roe deer (they are red and fallow deer)
  5. How many river crossings were there on your trail tonight?
    3 (bridge at the start, by the wooden hut & approaching the beech plantation with other humanoids coming in opposite direction)
  6. In the video, I asked what building is it in the distance?
    Parish Church of St Lukes on the corner of Burton and Gibbon Roads. Will accept a block of flats on Richmond Road in Kingston
  7. What is the oldest largest and most noticeable inhabitant of Richmond Park?
    Trees….there are around 1300 ancient trees, some are more than 750m years old
  8. According to British folklore, this creature which inhabitants Richmond Park, summoned thunder and lightning storms, which scared the wits out of medieval peasants who also believed that they flew around with hot coals in their jaws setting fire to buildings. What are they?
    Most people would stink of stags…..they don’t realise there is another type of stag….a Stag Beetle. They have a 7 year life cycle
  9. If you had done 20 push ups at each bench seat you saw in the video, how many push ups would you have done?
    100 push ups (on trail to Isabella, beeches, in Isabella, back again, view from escarpment)
  10. When was Isabellla Plantation created?
    40 acres, Originally planted within a Victorian woodland by Lord Sidmouth (park deputy ranger) in 1830s for a game reserve and opened to the public as a woodland garden in 1953.The name is unclear a) wife or daughter of a member of staff b) derived not from a Queen, but more prosaically from the word Isabel meaning dingy grey/yellow colour. This would have related to the colour of the sandy clay topsoil in this area.

Photo clues/answers for quiz:

Some of the ignoramuses taking part in this quiz are depicted here:

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