The White Horse 4th April

Tide End Cottage 14 March

Euston 28 February

Absolute Bowie


Australia Day Run St Margarets

New Year’s Party 2013

Bushy Park 6th December 2012

15 November 2012, The Haven, Ealing

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WLH3 run 1417, a celebration of the glorious 15th, the day when the year’s supply of Beaujolais Nouveau is released from its traps to be hunted by ravening sufferers of Oenophilia. The run was Hared by the Ryde and Tablewhine, notorious for setting decent trails. This was no exception, taking us round parts of Ealing even the locals don’t know exist and reintroducing us to grass and shiggy.

The run ended with the Hares giving the pack a taste of their catch of the 15th, a saucy little number with a sharp tannin foretaste which was quickly replaced by a fruity tinge. On back to the Haven and a good show from the RAs given the lack of incidents to be gleaned from the run.

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The Haven, Ealing November 15 2012