10 March 2016 – Richmond

Run nr 1590 – Hope, 115-117 Kew Rd, Richmond, London TW9 2PN

Hare: Crap Nav

P-trail from Richmond Station (National Rail, Overground & District Lines)

4 thoughts on “10 March 2016 – Richmond

  1. Rambo

    Hi Crap Nav,

    should you have the honour of taking over from Rent Boy (presumably either gout ridden again or incapacitated by Dunny Penny after the “kitchen worktop incident”), a request.

    Use a different pub from your last one (the one with Richmond’s, possibly London’s, worst pub garden). Lots of choice; Triple Crown, Lass O Richmond Hill, Dukes Head, Roebuck ……


  2. PF

    May I humbly suggest the Duke, or the Lass, so that we can have an off-road run, without miles of concrete pounding.

    On On


  3. NS

    Fear not – it’s been renovated – now it’s only the second worst pub in Richmond

  4. Rambo

    It is that pub again isn’t it. So reassuring NS, race you to sit on the best seat in the garden, by pile of dead foxes next to the bins. What’s wrong with The Shaftesbury next door even if we can’t go further up the hill or to the Triple Crown?

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