19 January 2017 – Northfields

Run nr 1636 – T J Duffy, 282-284 Northfield Avenue, London W5 4UB.

Not a Pope run. No river crossings, but potentially hazardous. For safety, a working torch is essential, and everyone is encouraged to start with the rest of the pack.

Hare: Rambo

P-trail from Northfields u/g station (Piccadilly line)

3 thoughts on “19 January 2017 – Northfields

  1. Rambo

    Still TBC but looking like Northfields from Pope’s Grotto aka Duffys! Maybe something different though, it’s dark and places to go that are off limits and even dangerous in daylight?

  2. Rambo

    Will include parts of Ealing never hashed before as far as I know, and I’m pretty sure about this. A few pieces of information, some of which are important.

    Mostly off road but no river crossings, probably some mud. To make up for this, there is a part where your torch (which you will really will need anyway) is safety equipment “just in case”. Please bring a working a torch, and (Tango?) be on time, start with the pack. There will be a regroup check marked RG (where we will regroup!) and some may wish to follow the les interesting shortcut (direction will be marked with an “S”, following a path (without marked trail) until it rejoins the trail. On the “long” trail there will be some of the trail marked in sawdust and as the pack passes I will make some of the large arrows less distinct so they hopefully will go unnoticed in the morning. All clear? Good! 🙂

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