21 April 2016 – Stratford

Run nr 1596 – King Edward VII, 47 Broadway, Stratford E15 4BQ.Map

This is the pre-lube to London H3’s Run on Saturday 23 April 2016 commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. It is rumoured that Shakespeare was involved in a bout of heavy drinking with his mates Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton a few days before he died, which may have caused his death. This theory will be put to the test!

1596 is the year Shakespeare finished writing King John and Love’s Labours Won, which has been lost, unless it was published under a different title, and also when Sir Francis Drake died. So come dressed as your favourite Elizabethan or Shakespearean character.

We will also celebrate our very own Nut Sucker’s 40th birthday.

Hare: Heavy Pants

P-trail from Stratford Station (National Rail, DLR, Overground, & Central & Jubilee u/g lines). The trail will be marked each side of the old Stratford shopping centre (not Westfield) but not inside, so just walk straight through.

4 thoughts on “21 April 2016 – Stratford

  1. Stayover

    I have had a go at a simplified explanation of the new commandments – Re -“Not flushing sanitary products down toilets (one of City’s alleged misdemeanours), or keeping them engaged for excessive lengths of time while we change.”

    DONT engage sanitary products for excessive lengths of time, but DO engage with locals. No hang on its the toilets. DONT engage the toilets for too long, but DO engage sanitary products in conversation for long periods of time…but err hang on…DONT engage them in conversation during the circle as this is too noisy..and DONT go on and on about the bad circle even if its rubbish, no hang on RAs please DONT go on with your circle we need to drink beer, but DO drink your beer quietly…

    DO change quickly, but not in the toilets and not in the pub errrrr…where can we change? Yes DO change in the forest when on trail cos that’s not in the pub but DONT change there if that would involve you taking off your shoes to put your trousers on, as that would involve stepping in shiggy…oh hang on…no shiggy shoes in the pub… so DO take your shoes off in the forest when on trail if necessary to put your trousers on but then having done so DO carry them to the pub, but DONT walk into the pub in your shiggy socks, DO put your shoes on again over the shaggy socks and wipe around the top of the shoes to remove lingering squishy shiggy…DO smile as you slither around inside your shiggy shoes.

    Also, DO remember Rule Number 2.

  2. Stayover

    DON’T block the natural flow of the toilets, and DON’T interrupt the RA if he is in there performing. DO overwhelm the bar staff, but DO thank them afterwards. DO drink a fruit flavoured alcopop during the circle if you live in Kingston.

  3. PF

    Yes Stayover, I can see that you are a lawyer, by your incisive grasp of the essentials and concise précis.

  4. NS

    Ah-hem. What happened to being discreet about a ladies’ (well – harriette’s) age?!
    On on to reaching a decade suitable for being a West London hasher!

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