Run Number 1812 -Thursday 17 September – Kingston

Hare : Man Magnet

Autumnal run to start and finish from Kingston Gate of Richmond Park KT2 5JN start any time between 19.00 to 19.30. kingston Gate is accessible from both Norbiton and Kingston stations, but there will be no P trail from either station to the beginning of the trail. You may find this Map Link useful. The run start is also accessible or by 371 bus from Richmond, or 65 bus from the North, and there is plenty of space to lock bicycles just inside the gate.

No congregating so please start as soon as you arrive.
No bag storage so run with your stuff.
Trail may be laid in Chalk, flour and Sawdust

Do not mark checks through.

Bring a torch as it’s getting darker.

If you would like to go to a pub after the run book a pub of your choice in ad hoc groups of 6 or less, suggest through a nominated group leader. There are half a dozen Local pubs within a kilometer of Kingston Gate, again see the Map Link, and most will also accommodate small groups on a walk in basis if they have room. If any other groups of Hashers congregated at the same pub, please take care not to infringe the “Rule of Six” by mingling with them.

Pre-registration is required for this run, please register via This Link

Please observe strict social distancing throughout by keeping at least two metres apart, and do not form groups greater than six.

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