Run Number 1808-Thursday 20 August 2020

South Kenton (Bakerloo Line and London Overground)

The pub will be the Windermere. There will be no “P” trail but as the pub is next to the station and visible from the platform. For those coming from the Richmond clique vicinity there is an easy route via Willesden Junction with trains running every seven to fifteen minutes. 

The landlord will let hashers leave their bags at the pub. The landlord has agreed that the Hare will be the contact point for NHS track and trace purposes and pre-registration is required, see below for the registration link. On arrival hashers should tell the staff member who will greet them at the door they are from the hash and they will direct them to the function room which is being opened especially for the WLH3. The room is close to the front door and bar and is where hashers can leave bags safely. After leaving bags hashers should start the run or meet in small numbers outside. Start running any time between 1900 hours and 19.30 hours.

The pub will provide table service for drinks and encouraging as many people as possible to use the large beer garden though there are also tables available inside if the weather is cold or inclement. There will be real ale on draught. 

There will also be a drink stop close to the pub so we don’t have hot sweaty, heavy breathing hashers returning directly to the pub. The landlord can’t offer the usual food buffet because of Covid but he may (subject to confirmation nearer the time) offer a burger each if we can social distance the usual hash food grab. The Hare is Wacker.

Registration for this run is now open, please Click Here to register. The pub will do burgers after the run, if you want a vegetarian burger please indicate this in the comments box of the registration form.

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