Run no 1809 and AGPU-Thursday 27 August

This week’s run is the AGPU.  It will be from the Springfield Bowls Club, Ealing, W5 3RS.  map link.The nearest tube is Ealing Common but there will not be a P trail.  The hare is our current G.M. Butt Plug.

If you wish to attend you must register in advance and can do so by clicking on this link. Please try to do so by Wednesday lunch time.  You must provide your contact details to enter the Bowls club.

Please arrive between 7 and 7.30 and set off on the run at once.  You can leave a bag at the venue.

After the run there will be a chance to vote in a new committee.  Anyone is welcome to stand for any post.  The following committee members are offering their services for another year:

Hash bank/accounts – Mad Cow

Haberdashery – Man Magnet 

Social Sec – Casting Slouch

RAs – Wacker and KMA

Hash Flash – New Balls Please

Website and email – Pickled Fart

The GM, hash cash, and hare raiser are all standing down. 

No Foreplay is standing for GM.

Optimist for hare raiser

Ms Bean, and Sir Humperlot for hash cash.

If anyone else wishes to throw their hat in the ring and join the committee in any capacity let the outgoing GM know.  You can do this by emailing

If you are a member and wish to vote but cannot attend please let the GM know who you wish to vote for – contact as above. 

There will also be some pizza 🍕  after the run.  If you are vegetarian please make sure you indicate this on the registration form.

Moron has also organised several delicious Rebellion beers to help quench your thirst.  Card payments only at the bar.

Please remember that COVID-19 has not gone away and so you must maintain social distancing throughout the evening. If inside you should sit at a table.

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