24 December 2015 – Raven$court Park – 5 PM $TART

NOTE:-Ignore the above 7.20 p.m. start time, this comes up automatically on all run announcements due to a technical hitch. This run will start at five P.M.

Run nr 1579 – $a£utation, 154 King $teet, Hammer$mith W6 0QU.

P£ea$e note ear£ier $tart of 5 pm, to give you time to prepare for $anta.

Hare: Ki$$ My Ar$e

P-trai£ from Raven$court Park u/g $tation (Di$trict £ine)

One thought on “24 December 2015 – Raven$court Park – 5 PM $TART

  1. KMA

    The venue is now confirmed as the Salutation on Kings Street – Fullers on draught, plus a choice of bottles. Closing early, but will stay open if there are enough of us.

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