24 November 2016 – Battersea Park

Run nr 1628 – Tap House, 86 Stewart’s Road, London SW8 4UG

A micro-brewery. Pizzas can be ordered in afterwards.

Hares: Creme Brulée/No Foreplay

P-trail from Battersea Park National Rail Station

4 thoughts on “24 November 2016 – Battersea Park

  1. mad cow

    This run looks like a rerun of the trail set by these 2 for London H3 which was long. Take pity on us poor WLH3 and shorten it a bit

  2. PF

    Suggest all Hares read our Guide to Hares before laying or planning trails for WLH3. See extracts below:-

    “WLH3 trails should be around four miles in length and take the pack about an hour to run. In poor weather nobody is likely to complain too much if it falls a bit short of four miles and you could stretch it to five, if it is necessary to provide an interesting trail, but five miles should be considered the absolute maximum, pointlessly long boring trails do not go down well with the West London Pack.”

  3. mad cow

    PF, you mean the hares failed to seek the wisdom and experience of the King of Hares???? Although your haring instructions did miss out drink stop instructions and suggested refreshments appropriate for the sophisticated palettes of the WLH3 pack.

  4. PF

    OK, I will add that drink stops should involve something wet and alcoholic.

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