26 December 2019, Boxing Day Ealing Broadway meet at 2.30PM

Run Number 1791 – The Kings Arms 55 The Grove, Ealing, London W5 5DX

map link

NB Meet at 2:30pm for a 3pm On Out!

Hare: The Optimist

There will be a trail of chalk P arrows from Ealing Broadway station (District/Main line) to help you find this pub. We will meet at the pub around 14.30, ready for a very prompt run start at 1500 hours, in order to get round the Trail before darkness descends. The pub will store our bags during the run. Transport for London will be providing a Saturday service on Boxing Day TFL information so please allow extra time for this, or get on your bike.    The Hare is Optimist and he has promised that the trail will be under five miles with plenty of shortcuts for walkers.

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  1. Bill Morrison

    No doubt you have all seen PF’s e-mail, with his reference to pedantry.

    Could someone please inform him that “perfectly well aware” is an oxymoron. Can you be imperfectly well aware? Or any other kind of well aware? Answers please on a postcard to PF.

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