Run Number 1814 – Thursday 1st October – Strawberry Hill to Richmond

Hare – Contour

This week’s run starts from Strawberry Hill station TW1 4PP Map Link on mainline and will end in Richmond, the station for which has mainline, Overground and District line services.

Start from 18:30 onwards.
There is no bag drop so run with what you bring.
No congregating, so please start as soon as you arrive, though as it gets dark earlier consider running with at least another to aid with breaking checks.
Do not mark checks through.
Bring a torch.

There will be a P trail from Richmond Station TW9 1EZ to the On-Inn area.
If you would like to go to a pub after the run book a pub of your choice in ad hoc groups of 6 or less, suggest through a nominated group leader.

Pre-registration is required for this run, please register via This Link .
Please observe strict social distancing rules throughout by keeping at least two metres apart.

The Hare says;
Use the Whatsapp group below if you need further help and to communicate on trail which you can join here:
You could also use this to find a team of 6 to join together for a pub.

Cyclists can leave their bike at Richmond Station and get public transport (local train or 33 bus) to Strawberry Hill.
I will try to make some allowance for anyone who wants to cycle the trail (Eg: More On?) with some markings to avoid bits that are not easy to ride through.
You can contact me on 07454 117474 on the run if further assistance is required.

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