4 July 2019 -North Sheen

Run Number 1764 –¬†The Mitre¬†20 St Mary’s Grove, Richmond TW9 1UY


Hare: Pickled Fart will be cast in the role of Casting Slouch.

Independence Day Run, wear something American or otherwise appropriatte, e.g. a singlet, to defend your right to Bare Arms.

The pub will be P-trail from North Sheen station, though if you are coming from Waterloo you may find it more convenient to go to Richmond Station where more, and faster, trains stop, though this will not be P trailed (unless someone volunteers). Refer to the Map if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Stop Press- Just received the following tips from Smack the Oyster on American sartorial elegance:- “Typically American clothing — backwards baseball caps, preferably with a sports team logo; thick-soled, super-white trainers (sneakers), preferably Nike, preferably Air Jordans; long, baggy shorts that reach nearly to the knees, mainly because they’re pulled down to reveal underwear waistbands and about 1/2 of the bum they’re supposed to be covering; t-shirts, preferably with a sports team logo, large enough to cover the overhanging beer belly.”

And apparently it is much the same for American men as well.

2 thoughts on “4 July 2019 -North Sheen

  1. Rambo

    Just to point out a small error in the weekly spam email, in the Good Ol US they do NOT wise metric measurements for ammunition or anything else. As one space program found out when mixing miles and kilometres. “Wear something typically American, if you can think of anything, though that does not include nine millimeter Automatics.”

  2. David Greer

    Just to point out a small error in your comment, the weekly email is not “Spam”, it is a highly exclusive, subscription only, fully GDPR compliant service to which all recipients have explicitly asked to be included, and can unsubscribe at any time.

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