Run No 1823 – Thursday 1st April ~ Pinner

Hare ~ Mad Cow

Advance registration is required for all participants in West London H3 runs during the current pandemic, if you plan to come on this run please register ASAP using this link

We resume running this week with a trail Hared by Mad Cow and this will be under the same anti-Covid precautions as we applied prior to the last lock down. The trail will start from outside Pinner underground station, on the Metropolitan Line map link, there will be no bag drop, run with what you bring. Dusk will descend before the end of the trail and you might find a torch useful. Start on trail when you arrive, runners should start between 18.45 to 19.00 hours, walkers can start a little as earlier if they wish to ensure a timely arrival at the drink stop. Later starters can mark checks at their discretion, bring chalk. Please keep in groups of not more than six and observe social distancing.

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